The Milk and Muscles Nursing Sports Bra (Floral Refresh)

Our Milk & Muscles Nursing Sports Bra is what all of you breast feeding mamas have been waiting for! We worked closely with a current mother and CrossFit athletewho recently gave birth and is actively breast feeding to bring you the best Nursing Sports Bra we could develop!  This bra was duplicated from our most popular and most supportive Sports Bra from our current line, the X-Factor Sports Bra, but with added features that you have been searching for as an active, nursing mom.  Read all of the details below!
Product Description: 
  • This bra features NO metal or plastic clasps that can break or be/ feel uncomfortable when working out.
  • We added to the bust of our normal bras! So if you are a medium, the band will be the same as our regular sports bras, but the bust will fit like a size large now so you have some extra room.
  • We never claim FULL support for our items, but this made from our fullest support Sports Bras!
  • We chose colors to help prevent milk stains
  • This product should NOT be washed alongside any fleece products as the Velcro could get stuck to this type of item and become ruined. We recommend closing the Velcro strap before washing.  Also, AIR DRY as well to keep the bra itself and the Velcro in the best condition!
  • 87% Nylon, 13% Lycra
  • Removable pads included (we recommend removing them before washing)

This bra can double as a bathing suit top!

Size Guide:
XS- 31-32″ Bust
S- 33-34″
M- 35-37″
L- 38-40″
XL- 41-43″


In the past year alone, our sports bras have received over 3,000 five star reviews from happy customers who were amazed with the comfort and style of our bras! We owe this to a huge attention to detail when designing all of our bras to ensure the perfect fit.


Our Sports Bras’ custom nylon/lycra fabric blend allows it to move with you, so nothing comes between you and your PR. Many customers also choose to wear our bras outside of the gym as a replacement to their other uncomfortable bras.


We designed our bras to be accommodating for a variety of body types, including women with a more muscular build. Gone are the uncomfortable days of bra straps digging into your well-earned shoulder muscle!




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